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FIFA 17 TOTW cards are the most common In Form cards of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. And you may need know FIFA 17 TOTW ratings and stats for preparation. At the same time, if you want get Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.

The ratings and attributes of TOTW cards are usually boosted in one or two points. The rating boost is always relative to the most recent TOTW card, or eventually MOTM or Hero card, no matter if the player moved to another club or if he was upgraded. The position of the players in these cards may change if, in the previous week, they played really well in a different position.

It is possible to a player to have more than one TOTW card, if they have been assigned in different weeks. These cards differ from each other only in the ratings and attributes (eventually in the position too). The more recent is the card, the higher is its rating.

You can have the regular card and the TOTW card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.

Bronze TOTW players will automatically receive an upgrade to 64, the maximum rating at this quality, even if their regular card's rating is already 64. Silver players will generally receive upgrades between 70-74, depending on their original rating. Gold players will receive upgrades of around +3 or +2 if their original rating is between 75-78, and +1 if their regular rating is higher than 78. Particular rating increases are subjective in some cases and can vary, depending on a player's performance.

It is possible to a player to get a TOTW card of another quality. The only thing that he needs is to have received a second TOTW card with the maximum rating of his regular card quality. For example: if a player is a 71 and his TOTW is a 74, the second TOTW card will be gold instead of silver.

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