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As I'm sure you've already seen there have been quite a few FIFA 17 trailers of late which have shown off snippets of action from a gameplay camera perspective. That's the perspective we all use, and as such it can offer a lot of insight into how well things are working generally within the new Frostbite engine. Now you can  at with a low price and instant delivery.


My particular focus in this article is on player positioning. A few caveats though, the screenshots I'm discussing are snapshots in time so for more context you can watch the trailers in full. I'm also fully aware that trailers by definition are meant to showcase great goals and attacks. 

As you can see here Dortmund's defensive shape is actually pretty good. The fullbacks are slightly advanced, and distances between players are okay. Positive start eh?

Things in midfield however aren't so great with both of Dortmund's attacking midfielders occupying the same space. I'd expect one of them to be more spread and to illustrate I've highlighted a much better position for him to be in. Having two players so close, massively diminishes forward passing options.

Whilst Dortmund's defensive shape is good, take a look at Man United's on the mini-map. That bunching of the two centre backs will be exploited later. 

Rashford's starting potion here illustrates an age old problem in FIFA and as I've highlighted, he really should be further forward pressing the centre backs, rather than the defensive midfielders. This effectively makes Dortmund's defenders irrelevant from a passing perspective, and puts six Dortmund players behind the ball before the attack has even begun.

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